Some of my personal Projects:  I’ll update this page with more pictures and info soon.


This is my Panasonic RX-5025 Vintage 80’s boombox.  It has been upgraded with a large LiPo battery pack, built in charger and Hi-Fi bluetooth module.  This is one of my favorite projects to date.   I plan to redo the battery charger with a custom design soon so stay tuned.

My Personal Gameboy Zero

This is the one that started it all.   This is my personal GBZ build.  It features all custom PCBs inside and of course my button board and cart board.  Ill get more pictures soon.

My Personal SNES-Zero build


This is another one of my favorites and honestly the one I play with the most.  The gameboy screen is too small for my old eyes. 

Arduino Powered Hotwheels Race track

I built this track for my son’s 4th birthday.  It features a Arduino powered car release system.  It has light up christmas tree race lights and sound effects.  It also features break beam senors and lights to indicate the winner of the race.

YouTube video showing the cart and the custom PCBs: